Saturday, August 05, 2006


Well, the Tour de France organization is in an uproar today because of the news that the second drug test on Tour winner Floyd Landis turned up positive again for abnormally high levels of testosterone. Landis is all but certain to get stripped of his title as Tour winner and probably will be kicked out of the sport of cycling for a period of time now.

People are going to say the credibility of the Tour is in tatters. You watch these races and you don't know whether or not any of these racers won their races legitimately now. You don't know if they've been on the juice! Personally, I don't think credibility of the Tour itself is in tatters because of this; after all, they deserve credit for rooting out the cheaters. Rather, it's the credibility of these riders that has taken a death blow, not to mention the teams that allow this drugging nonsense to go on. They're the ones who smeared the whole reputation of the sport of cycling. One of the great comebacks in Tour history by Landis, one of the all-time classic moments in sports history, has been ruined! How can anyone watch this sport after this?!

Landis himself had his big press conference after the news broke from his first drug test. He went and announced that his testosterone levels were high "naturally." But this second test confirms that this was "synthetic" testosterone, meaning it came from drugs. Nice going, Landis, you're a liar and a cheat. That press conference ranks right up there with the Richard Nixon " I am not a crook" routine. The comedians are going to have a field day, making fun of this.

What's next for this guy? I wouldn't be surprised if he started doing these commercials for Cheetah energy drink, like disgraced runner Ben Johnson does.

"Are you a cheat?!" "Yes! I Cheetah every time!" Landis' name is mud.

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