Saturday, August 05, 2006


Well, the last few weeks on the Ebert and Roeper show have featured nothing but pre-taped segments and "best of..." shows. Finally, they're back to new episodes, sort of.

This is the week when the "guest replacement critics" start appearing on the Ebert and Roeper show to replace Roger Ebert who is still out of commission due to the complications from his cancer surgery. So this week we get, get this, late-night comedian Jay Leno as a movie critic! Next week, it'll be director Kevin Smith.

You know what this means, folks, Smith will be able to give a thumbs-up to his own movie, Clerks II. Take that Joel Siegel. And he'll be able to say that he got "two thumbs up" for his movie, even though Ebert said earlier on his pre-taped show that he didn't like the flick.

You know, I knew these guest critics were going to be bad, but this is definitely a joke.

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