Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well, when I heard this next story my first thought was this has got to be a joke. This has to be some kind of big hoax. I mean really, this story is too good, it's so funny.

Donald Trump has fired Carolyn Kepcher, who was the right-hand woman in the Trump organization and was one of the judges on The Apprentice. That's right, folks, read it again so that it sinks in. Carolyn from The Apprentice has been fired.

Now you see why I thought this story had to be some sort of hoax. This is sure up there. Carolyn has been replaced in the organization, and on the show, by Trump's own daughter and Stuff cover girl, Ivanka. Talk about nepotism! CNN Money has apparently confirmed this story. The word is that Trump got fed up with Carolyn's self-promoting and going on all these speaking engagements all the time and so on, milking her notoriety from her time on the hit TV show. So she left the company earlier this week.

I know the words "jump the shark" have been used to death, and The Apprentice show has gone off the cliff so many times by now that this show is more than simply a joke--- this is a bad train wreck, a bad plane crash! So much strange stuff has happened by now that Trump's show really has turned into a complete parody of itself-- the feud with Martha Stewart, the bizarre happenings at the season finales with people getting trashed and humilated, the mass firings, and so on and so forth. But what else do you call this? Firing Carolyn is the biggest shark-jumping moment I've seen from this Apprentice show yet. This show has finally gone completely off the rails. In fact, getting rid of Carolyn is so outrageous that you really have to wonder whether Trump's taken leave of his marbles. Really, who's next to go, Bill Rancic?!

You know these chumps who are candidates for The Apprentice show in Los Angeles---- what are they going to say when they hear that Carolyn has been replaced? They are going to be in total shock. From what I heard, the shooting for the show has already taken place down in LA. It'll be so funny to see Trump assemble the candidates and tell them: "You are probably wondering where Carolyn is. Well, Carolyn no longer works for the Trump Organization; she's been fired." Watch all the jaws drop. They're going to think Trump is some trigger-happy megalomaniac, out for himself. I guess all that talk about the Trump organization being "family" and all that was a load of bull. Or maybe it isn't bull after all, because, well, it's the family that's getting the jobs!

I wouldn't see the point of working for this organization where the family totally runs the show. How do you expect to get ahead in a climate where you're likely to be passed over for one of Trump's kids?! I dunno why I keep watching The Apprentice show all the time. This is NUTS.

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