Thursday, August 24, 2006


Recently, a bunch of fools over at the online publication Salon got their heads together and served up six shows that they thought ought to be cancelled immediately. And these dimbulbs over there decided to come up with some really lame picks for shows deserving of the hook: they want Larry King and Nancy Grace yanked, plus they want to get rid of The O.C., The L Word, and surprisingly 24 and The Closer. (!) (?) (!).

You know, I'm convinced people have it in for Larry King. There are people who hate his show and want him off the air, and I'm sick and tired of hearing about the complaints. I'm convinced there is a campaign going to get his show cancelled. Lay off of him, he is what he is, even if he does mail it in all the time. But if they want to get rid of that lousy Nancy Grace, well, fine.

Couldn't the folks at Salon have made more of an effort to come up with some shows in dire need of the hook? It's almost as if this list was made by a bunch of people who don't even bother to watch TV. Really, there are a lot worse shows on the air than these six, believe me. A lot of people agree that The O.C. has to go, a lot of people hate that show and think it's a piece of crap. But a lot of people like the other five shows! And I don't see any reason to get rid of Larry King and Nancy Grace, especially since people tune in to these shows. If they are going to get rid of anyone at CNN, it might as well be Paula Zahn. No one would miss her. Who cares about her lousy show.

As for my own list of the six shows most deserving of cancellation: if you go through the list of lousy shows that air in daytime, plus all the reality and talent show crap from nighttime, you would have a pretty decent list of shows deserving of the boot. Of course, being in Canada I would have a VERY easy time coming up with six shows to get rid of, starting with all the ones Mike Holmes, Debbie Travis and Dr. Marla Shapiro are involved with. And Michael Landsberg over on TSN with Off the Record?! Get rid of him, too! Come to think of it, I'd get rid of just about all the Canadian shows, they are that bad. But then we'd have no TV industry left. Really.

So I'll confine my list to shows seen in the USA because, frankly, I need the challenge. Besides, there's lots of dreck to choose from.

I would get rid of the following six shows, in no particular order:

1.The Maury Povich Show
2. The Tyra Banks Show
3. 7th Heaven (rescued from the dead by the CW)
4. America's Got Talent
5. America's Funniest Videos
6. Big Brother

In fact, why stop at Big Brother. Why not get rid of all the reality shows?! I hate that genre so much. In my judgement Big Brother is the worst and the stupidest of the whole lot of them, but they can trash them all as far as I'm concerned. And all these talent shows and American Idol ripoffs all deserve the boot, too. I can't believe the dumbbells at Salon would get rid of a good show like 24 and keep around lousy shows like these ones.


And why didn't anyone call for Survivor to get the boot? Did you hear what they are going to do to Survivor: Cook Islands?! Talk about desperate. They have divided the tribes into four different racial groups: whites, blacks, Asians and Hispanics! Jeff Probst is calling this a "social experiment"; I call this downright insulting. I watched the news on Global TV and they did these man-on-the-street interviews, and all the locals here in Toronto proclaim to be outraged by this show and what it is doing, and of course they pride themselves on living in a multiracial, multicultural community etcetera etcetera.

But you know, this is Survivor being Survivor. This is a show that prides itself on pushing the envelope. Heck, in their very first season, they had plenty of rat-eating and bug-eating, plus they had that gay guy who walked around the beach naked. And he WON. So they are just trying to be outrageous again. But this has gone too far--- segregating all these tribes by race. This is apartheid, what they're doing! It's going to encourage the worst in these people.

People are going to have a cow over this show! If controversy is what Mark Burnett wanted, he sure got it. Frankly, though, when I heard about what they were doing I thought this had to be a new low. This is really sad.

Oh by the way, if you are wondering why Fear Factor is not on this list, the good news is it's been cancelled! NBC is burning off the final episodes as we speak. As for Jerry Springer, I thought it over and I simply can't bear to see that show get the boot. It's truly one of these shows that you tune into to see how bad it can get, how low it will go. It's too entertaining.

But get rid of Maury Povich, already, and his lousy paternity tests. Same with Tyra, and Montel Williams and at least half the courtroom shows. You can keep Ellen and Judge Judy on, at least those shows are entertaining. To be honest, I avoid daytime TV like the plague, so much of it is garbage. Same for all these lousy infomercials. Now THOSE are the things I really want to see cancelled! Get rid of Kevin Trudeau already.

More later.

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