Tuesday, August 08, 2006



The Internet is a wonderful thing. I was able to tune in to the election night coverage from Hartford from the local stations there, pretty good stuff from seasoned TV professionals in a market that has sent name reporters to the networks in recent years (ie. Natalie Morales). Anyhow, I watched Senator Joe Lieberman go on stage in Hartford to concede--- sort of.

What Lieberman actually said was that he was going to carry on anyway, even though he lost the primary, and he will file his papers to register as an independent Democrat and run against Ned Lamont in the November election. Interesting stuff. Lieberman is hoping plenty of Republicans will join his Democratic supporters in his independent bid to stop the anti-war, left-wing Lamont.

He might get his wish. Lamont looks to a lot of Republicans like, like...another Howard Dean. So a lot of Republicans will vote for Lieberman to stop Lamont. And a lot of Democrats are hoping the Republicans and whatever is left of the Lieberman supporters split their votes so that Lamont comes up the middle and wins. I dunno, Lieberman only lost the primary by 4%. He could well win a fall runoff with Republican backing. This looks to me like a situation where Lamont wins the battle but may lose the war.

Pardon the puns tonight, folks.

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