Sunday, August 20, 2006


A note now about the world of blog media.

David Lat's new blog from Dead Horse Media now has a name. It's called and you can access the site from the link I provided. It promises to go live in September. The site is slated to provide some irreverent coverage of the legal scene in true Wonkette style. Lat briefly wrote for Wonkette, but really made his mark with his own blog Underneath Their Robes, which concentrated on covering the US Supreme Court. No doubt this blog will have plenty of Supreme Court coverage as well.

It's interesting how these big-time lawyer "blawgers" have been spending their time in the blogging big leagues. I notice Jeremy Blachman's blog has taken a literary bent, and Rachel Sklar concentrates on the media over at the liberal Huffington Post's Eat the Press, while Melissa Lafsky seems to constantly rant about the nonsensical, idiotic behavior she continually runs into. More fun than what she did before, which was anonymously rant about her miserable life as an associate lawyer in New York.

Interesting that these folks don't seem to want to write about law very much. Probably fed up with law and with lawyers, most of them.

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