Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well, I know it is summer and nobody should care, but for some reason it is a big deal in Canada, these TV ratings for these shows. So...

Here goes. The Battle of the Bands.

CTV, Canadian Idol: 1.65 million viewers for new UNICEF spokesman Ben Mulroney.

Global TV: 1.28 million for Rock Star: Supernova, featuring Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro and host Brooke Burke.

And finally, CBC: The One: One hundred and fifty thousand Canadian friends and relatives of George Stroumboulopoulos, watching him preside over one of the greatest train wrecks in the history of television.

In fact, the ratings in Canada sound like they are even worse than those in the United States, where the ratings are awful enough. The ratings dropped something like 18% in the USA, and this show still finished behind Univision! I read that it finished in a tie for fifth with the WB! They finished in a tie with a network that is going out of business in a few weeks! I can't believe this show isn't off the air yet. I also can't believe that the CBC is still defending this show and claiming they are going to go full tilt ahead with a Canadian version. Don't they realize this show is a flop? They should work on finding shows that will get some viewers. Give up already, you guys.

In other news I read that the viewers for that surprise NBC hit America's Got Talent are starting to dip. That show was in first place for a while but now, with a 3.2 rating, it's dropping behind FOX hit So You Think You Can Dance. I think people finally realize that America's Got Talent is garbage; the "novelty" has worn off. I also think that people are registering their total disgust with the reality/talent show fare that we are getting on summer TV. People really are bored silly with this stuff. In fact, ABC cancelled Master of Champions a week early because everyone hated that awful piece of junk. People are fed up with all these shows. That's why theater attendance is up, I'm sure, even though the movies at the theater this summer all seem to be junk. ( A post on that later ). The movies may be garbage, but they look good compared to the nonsense on TV with these stupid talent shows.

I mean, it really is a return to the dark ages of TV, these shows, when you think of it. America's Got Talent is basically a ripoff of the Ed Sullivan Show with all these novelty acts, but more than that, all these shows on the air this summer remind me of the bad old days of black-and-white TV. Back in the 1950s they used to show talent shows all the time on TV (Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts, Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour), all these game shows, and reality show junk like Truth or Consequences, This is Your Life, and Queen for a Day. You think the shows they're serving up these days are any different? They also showed plenty of wrestling in prime time back then, too. And guess what, folks, we've gotten plenty of prime-time wrestling on TV lately, on UPN and NBC. The only thing missing these days is Milton Berle.

They even brought back the old prime-time boxing series, too, with reality-fight shows like The Contender. No wonder no one is watching network TV anymore. I sure hope this time these people running TV in Hollywood (and in Canada for that matter) have gotten the message. Enough with these cheap shows!

And enough about TV; now back to watching the news and all the live coverage of, ahem, World War III. Well, that's what Maclean's magazine is calling it!

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