Thursday, July 20, 2006


How badly did ABC's The One: Making a Music Star get crushed on Tuesday?

So badly that it even got beat by a show on Spanish-language Univision. IT GOT BEAT BY UNIVISION! I don't know of too many shows that get beat by Univision that manage to avoid cancellation.

Ratings-wise, its 1.1 rating is the worst for a network reality show this summer. It's the same rating that was handed to NBC's Celebrity Cooking Showdown, one of the biggest flops of all time. MediaLife reported that not only did The One get a 1.1 rating, but this show did worse than Master of Champions and How to Get the Guy! And this was all after several weeks of heavy promotion, too, by ABC. This show is FINISHED.

The show did no better in Canada. This was the show that generated so much controversy because the CBC aired The One in a time slot reserved for The National. Well, the ratings in Canada were stinking bad, too, something in the 236,000 viewer range on a night when CTV was killing everyone again with Canadian Idol. Global TV aired Rock Star: Supernova and got almost a million viewers for that, and were bragging about how great that show did, too. The One finished so far behind CTV and Global that it was a total humiliation. This show's audience totals were in the same ballpark as those three shows that got axed in that infamous CBC cancellation bloodbath of earlier this year (Da Vinci's City Hall, The Tournament, This is Wonderland). In fact, I think those three shows all did better than The One. So I think this show is in a lot of trouble already.

Anyway, read Antonia's blog, she puts this show under the knife pretty good and gives you all the gory details. I read some of the newspaper headlines and they were just killing this show, these writers: "The One gets one or two viewers". And so on.

Earlier, I had praised CBC's decision to give The One a shot, saying that the CBC needed to create some hits and go a populist direction. Well, the people have spoken. And I now say that the CBC needs to boot this show off the air, right away. The One had its one chance, and it completely blew it. Time to find another potential hit show.

The usual people who hated this show from the start (because of the controversy with The National getting moved) are now doing the "I told you so" routine, but I don't think chortling over this latest disaster helps matters much. I really don't think it's good for the CBC to keep airing flops all the time. It gets to be bad for their image. The CBC needs a hit, and badly, and they need to keep on trying! I don't think the CBC should be dissuaded from attempts to find hit shows. They tried with The One, but this sure isn't it. Fine, they should try something else. That, my friends, is the TV business. There are hits, and there are flops.

Anyway, bottom line is that now that the ratings are in, I think The One should be cancelled. The folks at The National can relax, they'll get their timeslot back as soon as ABC cancels this turkey. Shouldn't be too long.

UPDATE: By the way, did anyone see the ratings for Wednesday night on ABC? They can be summed up by the famous last words "oh my God."

The results show got a terrible 1.0, and they aired a repeat of the previous night's The One show that was absolutely killed, got something like a .5! I think the executives over at ABC are looking to jump off a ledge right now, this was a slaughter. If they don't cancel this show by the end of the week I'd be very surprised.

Here's a tune for these contestants to sing: the "Sha na na hey hey Goodbye" song.

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