Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Blogging has been light, in part because I have been trying to make sense of what's going on out there in the Middle East with all the violence out there--- or, as some wags call it, World War III.

And it will probably be light for the rest of the week as I have numerous things to attend to in the next few days. All I will say about this Middle East situation is that chaos is reigning supreme. Today, people are trying to get out of Lebanon. Israel has let up on the fighting today, helping these Americans and Canadians get out of there.

This is just brutal what's going on over there and all I have to say is: these #$%& Islamists are at it again. I can't blame Israel for defending itself against these Hezbollah terrorists. What else can you call these people?! My worry is that Israel might go completely nuts and drag Syria and Iran directly into this mess, too. Then we really will have World War III. Condaleeza Rice was saying today that Israel is not going to be attacking Syria or Iran. Well, I hope you're right, Condi! Because this is already a mess.

I've been trying to find some live feeds on the Internet but a lot of the feeds are down because of too much traffic. Fortunately, CNN Pipeline has been streaming Israeli and Lebanese TV the last couple of days, live. They were streaming Chennel 2's news from Israel. All I have to say about Israeli TV is, you'd think this was American TV with all these ads for American products. I get a feed from another Israeli channel and these folks run shows like Lost, Without a Trace, and even a home-grown version of The Biggest Loser. Anyway, that's all fallen by the wayside. Now it's continuing war coverage in the Middle East. Again.

This is all in addition to the never-ending war in Iraq, and those nuclear weapons tests by North Korea and the latest tsunami hitting Indonesia. All I gotta say is that the world is a mess. You can't blame me if I'm tuning into the news these days.

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