Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well, this is interesting. Lynne Russell, who was only the most popular news anchor ever on CNN Headline News before she left, has returned to the TV news business with a new gig.

She's now a fill-in newsreader and occasional anchor at Newsworld.

That's right: Lynne Russell is at the CBC!!!!! (The CBC? Isn't some interest group going to complain about this move, or something, too?!)

Read about it here.

Apparently she moved to Canada to be with her German boyfriend, so that's why she's here. Who else is the CBC going to get; Bernard Shaw? Judy Woodruff? Heck, the list has to be a long one.

To answer the question about whether people will complain about it, well, Antonia is whining.

Typical Canadian reaction, she says they should've given the spot to some young Canadian newsreader as some sort of training ground. All I will say is that young newsreaders should get their training somewhere else (ie. local news) and should have their act together by the time they even get in the door at a place like Newsworld- which clearly Lynne Russell has done in spades. She's a better newsreader than anyone else they could have gotten, one of the best in the business, period. Newsworld is supposed to be a world-class TV news operation, and the BBC, CNN and Fox News hire the best; why shouldn't the CBC? So what if she's American; the Americans hire Canadians all the time in TV news (EVEN PBS!), and Canadians have worked for the BBC, and NHK, and TV news operations around the world in places like Singapore and Hong Kong. Besides, she lives here; do you expect Lynne Russell to commute to Buffalo, instead, and work for Channel 7?! We should give first-rate American broadcasters a chance too.

Besides, there aren't enough 59-year-old women in television news to begin with, there are all these complaints out there already about how so many of them get kicked off the air before they hit their forties, let alone their fifties. It wouldn't kill the CBC to give these older newsreaders an opportunity occasionally. Anyway, people should quit grouching already.

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