Thursday, July 27, 2006


By the way, this piece of news from earlier this week. The pride of Kitchener, Ontario Liza Fromer appeared on Breakfast Television on Citytv and announced she was leaving as co-host of the program, effective immediately. For the time being she will be a stay-at-home mom for her new kid, and she is done with Citytv. No wonder she's been missing the last few weeks, with people like Kathryn Humphreys filling in.

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The heck is going on with Citytv, with people leaving?! Was Liza forced out, the heck happened here? Earlier, Harold Hosein the popular weatherman was suddenly fired, and so was Nadine Powell, now at Global. Hosein was replaced by Michael Kuss (ex-Global) and there were lots of howls from fans over this, and I heard Hosein was threatening legal action. Of course, there was that infamous bloodbath all over the country after the takeover announcement from Bell Globemedia. I dunno. It looks from this vantagepoint like it's a mess at Citytv Toronto, though admittedly it could be worse; it could be Calgary or Vancouver or somewhere else that got slaughtered.

I've actually crossed paths with a few people at Citytv including Francis D'Souza, Zuraidah Alman, even Merella Fernandez. I met Merella at CTV years ago, she probably thought of me as that goofy intern when I was there. She later left for an on-air gig at Citytv. I wonder what she thinks of being "back at CTV"?! Ha ha ha.

On second thought, not funny.

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