Sunday, July 30, 2006


I feel the pain of this poor woman. Jodi Applegate was doing a live shot for her morning show on Fox 5 in New York, doing a serious segment on bicycle theft with these two filmmakers Van and Casey. Anyway, what happens is these guys were demonstrating how easy it was to cut through a bicycle lock when one of these fools started faking an injury on live TV, pretending he cut himself! He was gagging and pretending he was dying, and basically pulling a Punk'd-style stunt on Jodi Applegate. JODI FREAKED OUT on TV and said this was not funny, that kids at home were watching this, said this was completely unplanned and so on. She was on the Geraldo show the other night and Geraldo seemed pretty amused by all this.

No doubt Jodi did not have a sense of humor about this situation for a reason: inevitably the producers of the show would have had a cow over this segment and probably would have given Jodi heck, and Jodi would have ended up being fired. Her career is already in the drink; she left network TV years ago, so the last thing this poor woman needs is for two fools to screw up any of her hopes to ever return to the networks. So no wonder Jodi was browned off! She did not want to take any blame for the screwup of this segment on TV. Instead, blame these two fools.

Anyway, this is probably great for her career. Maybe she'll get a job at Fox News. Wait--- she already works for Fox News, albeit Channel 5 in New York. But still.

Here's the YouTube video of what happened so you can see it for yourself and laugh at it. I thought her reaction was pretty funny; way to go, Jodi.

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