Saturday, July 08, 2006


Well, here we go again. I had a chance to check out all these various websites where all these TV fans got to tear apart the idiotic Emmy nominations. Once again, the TV fans are again howling about all the ridiculous snubs of all these good shows on TV.

Snubbed again: no Gilmore Girls, no Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica got the boot, too. The Shield and Deadwood got robbed, too. And explain this to me: Kevin James and Charlie Sheen get Emmy nominations and Hugh Laurie doesn't for House. Makes no sense.

But Will and Grace gets nominated even though this show has been no good for years, The West Wing(!!!) got nominated even though that show's also been no good for years, and Commander in Chief got nominated for Geena Davis even though that show went down the tubes so fast. Arrested Development got nominated even though it was cancelled. In fact people were commenting about how these cancelled shows all got nominations. It's as if all the shows still on the air aren't worth watching. And how often was Martin Sheen on The West Wing this year, anyway? Yet he gets an outstanding lead actor nomination, in a show that was cancelled! These Emmy voters are all idiots.

Why did this all happen? Well, the only thing I can think of is that Emmy voters are so busy writing and producing their shows that they had no time to actually watch TV. So they vote for all these shows and actors and actresses that they think are good, regardless of whether they actually are any good. And so the Emmy nominations end up being out of step with the views of the real TV fans and TV critics. And no doubt, some of these fools could be making a political statement by voting for certain politically-inclined shows. Who knows. Anyway, it sounds like the big winners in the Emmy nominations are The Sopranos, House, 24 and The Office- at least those shows didn't get totally robbed, though some will say The Sopranos and 24 have seen better seasons.

Surprised in the competitive reality category to see Dancing With the Stars nominated; in fact so many of the shows in that category sucked, including Survivor, American Idol (ugh!), Amazing Race (worst year ever for that show), etc. Left out completely was The Apprentice, which just wrapped its most boring and embarrassing season ever, full of public infighting and bad press. It got exactly what it deserved: a big fat snub.

Also snubbed was Lost and Desperate Housewives, but I think that's good news. I can't handle Lost and its ridiculous storyline; but it's still a surprise because it won last year, didn't it? And Desperate Housewives was already the most overrated piece of junk on TV in my estimation, and these goofy actresses were already overhyped. This was simply a case of Emmy voters finally figuring out that this show isn't so hot after all. From what I heard it didn't have a great season anyway. There were lots of stories in the press about how bad this season was, so it got exactly what it deserved. I'm sure there will be people out there in the gossip press, all these Eva Longoria fans and so on, who will follow the party line from all the PR people and try and say that these actresses were all robbed, and try and make a big scandal out of it. But it would have been robbery to give this show nominations over all these other, more deserving series, some of which were actually funny. When it came to this show, the Emmy voters got it right, for a change. What a bunch of dreck Desperate Housewives is.

Those are my Emmy rants for this week.

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