Wednesday, July 12, 2006


What else can you call this takeover of CHUM by Bell GlobeMedia?! This has to be the biggest bloodbath in the history of Canadian broadcasting!!!!

If you still work for Citytv or A-Channel today, consider yourself exceptionally lucky. Or maybe you're unlucky, because it sounds like those operations have nothing left (except maybe Toronto)! I read Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg got hit hard and had their newscasts cancelled, and also read that the Barrie operation got slaughtered. But if your name is Ben Mulroney, well, of course your job is safe.

And what is this going to mean for the programming? We're probably going to get the usual Dr. Marla Shapiro stuff on every channel in Canada now. BROADCASTING IN CANADA IS FINISHED!

We'll find out in a day or so the full story of this slaughter. I'm wondering if friends of mine got hit. I'm sure Antonia at the Star will have plenty to say. So will all the unions. Maybe they should all mount a general strike. This is pure GREED, simply put!! NO regard for the workers or for the viewers at home!

Moses Znaimer is turning in his grave, and he isn't even dead yet! BLOODBATH CITY!!!


Angela said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I heard it too. Nucking futs.

Carmi said...

It's always a joy to see Canadian cultural industries gutted in the name of corporate efficiency.

I found it fascinating that the major job cuts were announced almost immediately after the deal was made public. They even had the gall to claim that this would result in better programming and higher quality.

Um, sure.

First radio. Then newspapers. Now this. What next?