Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Yet another lawyer who quit the legal grind to go into TV news to report on:

Gorgeous hottie Megyn Kendall of Fox News was named by The Hill as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in D.C. TVNewser picks up the story. Seems she started off as a part-timer at the ABC station in Washington D.C., doing news one day a week to start, and that's how she became a newswoman.

Before that she worked at the corporate law firm Jones Day, doing litigation work and billing 2600 hours a year. 2600 a year?! Good grief, she had no life. I know of lawyers in some of these law firms that billed 2000 hours a year, and they were working all the time. 2600 hours is freaking sweatshop conditions. No wonder she quit. Megyn said in her interview that she loved her colleagues at the law firm but felt that as a litigator she would end up a "chalk outline." At least as a reporter you file your story and then that's it, you can go home! Hours aren't quite so bad, though some of the stories can be pretty depressing.

Fox News is loaded with lawyers-turned-journalists. Some of the legal beagles who've graced the place in recent years include Lis Wiehl, Gregg Jarrett, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jamie Colby, Greta Van Susteren and last and certainly not least: Geraldo.

In other news today the bar exam was being held in New York and several other states and all I will say to bar takers in New York State is I feel your pain. Don't worry, after you pass/flunk the bar exam you can go into TV news. Just like Geraldo (passed NY Bar exam years ago).


By the way, check out the full list of The Hill's 50 most beautiful people, quite a few hot-looking women in the bunch doing cool political jobs! Also, take note that I added the political blogsite of Extreme Mortman to the sidebar, and also (under B'casters) the fan website of Fox News reporter and American University grad Alisyn Camerota who, like Megyn, got her start in TV when she lived in Washington. Reminds me that I ought to try again to find a way to get to that fun political town D.C. and join the brain drain that has taken so many Western friends of mine out of Canada and to the States (so many, in fact, that it is a joke).

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