Saturday, June 03, 2006


Here's the story in the Toronto Star about the arrests of seventeen lowlives who were plotting terrorist attacks on Toronto. In fact all the papers have screaming headlines about this story today: the only paper that didn't was the Globe. They totally missed the boat and came out with a headline that deemed a vote on same-sex marriage more important. No way that could be more important than this threat to the city.

Among other things, these folks had gotten their hands on three tonnes of ammonium nitrate, possible ingredients to build an explosive. The amount is roughly three times the amount that was used to blow up that building in Oklahoma City. If they had carried out their plot, these terrorists, who knows what would have happened. They could have blown up a building! There's been a lot of concern in this town about attempts on the subway system and the like. But this sounds really bad, far worse than something like that.

I think the RCMP and CSIS deserve a lot of credit for bringing these thugs into custody. Now I want these creeps to stay in custody and go to jail, hopefully forever. I just hope these judges have the guts to put these people away and make sure they aren't set free to do damage to this country.

The thing I wonder about is, how the heck could this have happened, in Canada? It's one thing when you have these people from outside the country coming to Canada and using it as a base to inflict attacks on the USA. But apparently these were Canadians doing this! They were plotting attacks in Canada, upon Canada! And they had gone to these terrorist training camps and done all that training, apparently. This is a really sorry state of affairs when a country has to start worrying about terror attacks from its own citizens.

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