Friday, June 30, 2006


Well, the long -awaited boot was finally given by the folks at The View to Star Jones Reynolds this week. And it has turned into a big media frenzy. Star has been all over the talk shows, telling her side of the story and hogging the media. She's all over all these entertainment shows and talk shows. You'd think they'd find something else to cover, like war in Iraq or something like that, but instead the big story this week is this feud.

What happened was: Star surprised everyone at The View by announcing live on the show on Tuesday that she was not returning this fall because she'd been told the show was going a different direction. Then she spilled the beans to People magazine about how her contract wasn't renewed and even said "I feel like I was fired." Babs Walters hit the roof over all of this stuff and reportedly called it a "betrayal." They were planning to allow Star to announce her departure as soon as she got another job, so that they could all say that she got a dignified departure. Anyway, that didn't happen, and so on Wednesday they announced on The View that she was out of there. "And then there were three", Babs said, and then she basically explained to the viewers that ABC had decided to boot Star off the show. Then they told the press that Star couldn't be trusted anymore and so on.

Star Jones Reynolds didn't even have a gig lined up. There were some rumors floating that she was going to go off and do her own syndicated legal talk show about helping women who were in legal trouble or something like that. Anyway, forget it. There was no new gig and no show. She also doesn't get a "farewell show" a la Meredith Vieira, Katie Couric or Charlie Gibson. They had some big tribute planned, but I guess Star wasn't interested. Who can blame her, though, for being bitter about having to lie and make up stories about her own situation.

Anyway, Star was on Larry King last night on CNN and explained her side of the story, and was going on about how she knew since April that her contract wasn't renewed and so on, told Larry she had to cover up the fact that she was being booted, refused to get into a "catfight" with Barbara Walters, and also said she didn't know why anyone would get the impression that she lied about her gastric bypass surgery. She admitted that maybe that lavish wedding of hers was a big mistake. You're darn right it was, lady! That whole wedding was a fiasco. If I have a celebrity wedding some day and get married to somebody famous, you can bet it will be a low-profile affair, not a monstrosity like the one Star Jones Reynolds had.

I just find this whole thing bizarre and very funny. Star says she doesn't want to get into a catfight with the people at The View. Well what else can you call this, there's no other word for it other than a catfight! This is the catfight to end all catfights!!! It's Star versus Babs, not to mention Rosie. It's pretty hilarious, seeing Star on these talk shows milking the publicity and trying to say that she's above the fray and all that. What a laugh for us guys, seeing these silly women fight in public. It makes all women look like fools, what's gone on at The View this week. It's set the feminist movement back years.

I'm not that big a Star Jones fans to begin with, I think that she's one of these folks who you look at and wonder "why the heck is she on TV?!" Nobody likes her, she's an embarrassment and a diva, so why is she on? But you know, good for her for refusing to play the "game" of how she's simply moving on of her own accord. If she was fired, well, why shouldn't she get mad about it and refuse to go along with it? Why not speak the truth, and admit that you're bitter because you got pushed out and replaced by your bitter enemy Rosie O'Donnell?! If something like this happened to me, I'd be mad, too.

But to go on all these talk shows and hog the spotlight all to yourself takes some doing. Earlier this morning she was talking to Al Roker over on Today. And speaking of Larry King, all I have to say is: what the heck has gotten into CNN lately? People are now joking that CNN stands for The Celebrity News Network. Not too long ago Anderson Cooper sat down and interviewed Angelina Jolie, and that was considered a big get. Now, this Star Jones Reynolds business has gotten big play over on CNN. Truly, something has gotten into the coffee over there, giving Star this platform to rant and rave on the air about how she got the boot.

This has been the month of TV people getting the boot in a big way- whether it's Dan Rather getting shown the door over at CBS, or Connie Chung singing her way off the air over on MSNBC. But I got to hand it to Star Jones Reynolds. She has managed to make those departures look like chump change in comparison, with the People magazine interview and this "catfight" with Barbara Walters, and her "loser's tour" of the talk shows this week. If you're going to go out in humiliating fashion, you might as well go out big.

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