Sunday, June 18, 2006


I actually went down to check out the MuchMusic Video Awards which took place outside the MuchMusic/Citytv studios at the corner of Queen and John Streets in Toronto. It aired nationally tonight at 9PM on MuchMusic.

Obviously it was quite the mob scene down there. There were people getting cited for climbing up to the rooftops of buildings to watch the celebrities, among other things, and people were packed together on the street trying to get a good view of these stars coming in. Plenty of celebs showed up, including Tricia Helfer and Jay Manuel from Canada's Next Top Model, Amanda Bynes, Elisha Cuthbert, Nick Lachey, Nelly Furtado, and last but definitely not least, Paris Hilton.

My impressions:

(1) What the heck is Paris Hilton's talent, exactly?! It used to be that people became famous celebrities because they were movie stars, or were rock stars or performers or something like that. Something where they actually had to work at their craft to earn the title of "celebrity." But Paris Hilton hasn't done anything other than be a media hog. And the media loves her, they eat her up. Plus, she got the biggest cheer of the night from the people there. There are serious actors out there who are able to walk the streets unrecognized, yet this dame gets all the attention.

Really, tell me what she's done?! There was that notorious sex tape, but she's not the only one to do something like that. And she's not the only one to appear on a bad reality show, playing herself. She can't even claim any real acting credits because she wasn't "acting" in her show, she was just being her silly self, no different from Donald Trump and Tyra Banks and these other people. At least Nick Lachey can claim his celebrity through some kind of talent as a singer. Same with Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears and the rest of them. But it really is a mystery why Paris is so big. She truly is the non-celebrity celebrity, a celebrity for no reason.

She's not the only one: Carmen Electra surely falls into this category. Think of it. What has she done?! I guess she claims to be a singer, and she appears in movies and TV shows, but all she seems to do is be a professional babe. That's what she is, a professional babe!! At least Pam Anderson has some real acting credits; same for Jenny McCarthy. Of course, Nicole Richie falls in the exact same category as Paris Hilton. She's another celebrity who's done absolutely nothing, other than be a rich friend (or former friend, now, I guess) of Paris Hilton. Anna Nicole Smith is another really good example; so, in recent days, is Heather Mills McCartney. They all went to the same Paris Hilton School of Media Whoredom. They just can't stay off Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood.

Anyway, I simply find it odd. Paris now claims to have recorded a single which is coming out; not that she really needs the money or any of that. Maybe it will be a hit and then she can rightfully claim to be a real celebrity, or something.

(2) The performances were pretty good from Lachey and Nelly Furtado, and from the assortment of people they had on the big stage there. It highlighted the vast difference between the wannabes who perform on American Idol and the real talent on this show. Even the worst singers on the stage tonight were better than all these Idol candidates put together. Mind you, they had some good material to work with. It's all about the music, and it really helps when the tunes you are singing aren't second-rate tunes designed for Celine Dion or someone like that. Well, what else can I call these boring Idol songs?! Anyway, that's my comment on that.

(3) The crowd--- mostly a young crowd, as you would expect--- was sweltering under a heat alert for the city of Toronto and had to get sprayed down with water from time to time. Speaking of hot, whatever Nelly Furtado's doing with her big image change is working bigtime. She's sexy as hell.

(4) Who won? Who cares. People cared more about Tori Spelling dissing Mary Jo Eustace for writing a tell-all book! Check out this Toronto Sun article about the MMVAs which tells you all you need to know about all that happened down there. Needless to say, I didn't care who won, I was just there to gawk. And guess who they've plastered on their front page.

You guessed it, Paris Hilton.

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