Monday, June 05, 2006


Found out that Dennis Farina is leaving the cast of Law and Order- he was the guy brought in to replace Jerry Orbach. More and more it looks as if Orbach's departure was the ultimate shark-jumping moment for the show, simply because the shoes he left behind were so big that no one could fill them, not even an acclaimed actor like Farina.

Meanwhile, good news on the A.D.A. front: Hollywood Reporter says that Milena Govich, pictured,who was part of the cast on the Dick Wolf show Conviction which was cancelled, will take over as the resident female prosecutor from the murdered Alex Borgia. This is great news for the fans, because Milena Govich is a totally hot-looking, gorgeous babe.

The bad news is that she's bound not to last very long, this show is on its last legs and her character will probably end up tortured or even killed. Heck, look what happened to these other A.D.As on the show. These writers are too cruel. Bloodthirsty fiends.

That's yet another in a long line of brunette A.D.A.s. The only non-brunette was Elisabeth Rohm's infamous Serena, the blonde lipstick-lesbian prosecutor. The fans didn't like her character one bit on the show. Maybe Serena should have dyed her hair.

Wait a minute--- hold your fire. Now I'm reading that Milena Govich might not be playing an A.D.A. on the show after all. I'm reading reports that she might be playing one of the cops, instead, replacing Farina.

Well, this truly makes no sense, if this is true, because Govich played A.D.A. Jessica Rossi on Conviction, and Conviction was part of the Law and Order universe! Now they want to make her a cop on this show? Who the heck is she supposed to be now, Jessica Rossi's twin sister?!

If this is true, the folks at Law and Order would truly look like a bunch of people making things up as they go along. Then again, what do you expect, this is TV.

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