Monday, June 26, 2006


Here's a show transcript from C-SPAN, a Q-and-A with correspondent Jennifer Griffin of Fox News who is based in Israel. She actually got her start in journalism in Africa: in South Africa she wrote for the Sowetan newspaper, and then after graduating college from Harvard she went to Somalia and started stringing. Now she's in Israel. She actually went to fair-and-balanced Fox News because NPR wouldn't hire her, even though she did lots of work for them. She talks about the ridicule she's had to endure from these liberals who hate her network, and how she did stuff for PBS at the same time that she did stuff for Fox News. And so on.

I guess I still have the "bug" of wanting to go the foreign correspondence route myself, even though it's so dangerous in certain parts of the world. Anderson Cooper wrote a book about it recently, and I've always been interested in the rest of the world. But in my case, I'd rather avoid the hot spots like Iraq and go to a place where things are a little saner and where I can make some good money. The other day, for example, I applied for a TV job in Russia, and I applied to Hong Kong and a few other places. The truth, though, is that a better plan is to pick the region and simply go there, because so much of the work is freelance and you really need to be there to make contacts and pick up the strings. I should just hop on a place to Africa and just go cover that place. Maybe then I could scoop the competition on celebrity births, and then I could interview Angelina Jolie like these other big-time journalists.

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