Thursday, June 01, 2006


Well, this week I've been reminded how much I hate Toronto. I'm sick of the smog, sick of the air pollution! This week we sweltered under all the heat and humidity, and the whole metropolis was blanketed with smog. I already have enough trouble breathing as it is with my lousy lungs, but usually I'm OK when the air is clear. But this air, this week, was garbage! It wasn't just smoggy, it was humid, too. So you felt like you were drowning from all the thick air! It was terrible!

Now, our local politicians are doing a bunch of high-minded things this week about the bad air in Ontario. For instance, they turned Ontario into a smoke-free province this week. Well, it's great that the air inside is going to be so good. What about the air outside?! It's not just a problem here in Toronto, this smog, it's a problem across southern Ontario. When I lived in southwestern Ontario you couldn't breathe there, either, because of all the pollution from these plants in Michigan and Ohio. You aren't going to change the situation until all these plants in the USA are shut down, and that will never happen. And they can't shut them down for another reason: people need to eat.

Thank heavens we had a big thunderstorm yesterday and that cleared out of here most of this bleeping smog. But that's the problem: the weather in Ontario is always bad. In the winter it's too cold, it rains too much in the spring, and summers get ruined by all the smog. And you also get lots of severe thunderstorms. In fact, yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the big tornado that levelled Barrie. People celebrated that anniversary by hiding in their basements, again, thanks to the weather warnings. So even here, in Toronto, you have to worry about tornadoes and things like that. What a place.

I know there are places around the world where the air is even worse than this: Asia in particular. Apparently there's a blanket of bad air that smothers the southern portion of Asia. But here, even a couple of days feels like way too much.

I'm now seriously looking into moving somewhere where I don't have to put up with this air pollution any longer. You don't have this kind of pollution out West, that's for sure. Even Ottawa would be better than this.

This is almost enough to turn me into a Green Party supporter--- well maybe not. But still---I'm sick of air pollution!

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