Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It's sad to see Fear Factor fall to the ocean depths like it did tonight. I know this show is on its last legs, but heck, at least go out with some class. Not that this show had any class to begin with, but really, make an effort. This is prime-time network television, guys, this isn't daytime! You're on freaking NBC! But they don't care. Tonight, Joe Rogan hosted an all-star edition featuring your favorites (?) (!) from all these other reality shows.

Actually it was Survivor's "Jonny Fairplay", and Tana and Craig from The Apprentice 3, and other people we don't want to see ever again from these reality shows, competing as teams of two on Fear Factor. It was bad enough that we had to see all these wannabe actors blighting the TV screen again; their 15 minutes of fame expired a long time ago. But this show just couldn't resist bringing back two fools who ruined The Amazing Race when they were on that show. Guess who they got?

It was Jonathan and Victoria. God help us all, I thought, that quarrelsome couple again. I couldn't believe people still think these two deserve to be on TV.

Anyway, I immediately changed the station. I now regret that dumb decision, because apparently tonight's show was absolutely full of fights. A clip ran on Access Hollywood showing Jonathan and Victoria yelling at each other at the top of their lungs. Victoria got into a fight with one of the other contestants, punching Jonny Fairplay from the looks of it. Host Rogan was shown going ape at Victoria, saying it was one thing to fight as a couple but it crossed the line to get into fights with other contestants. Then Jonathan got hostile with Rogan for picking on his wife, and got into a fight with him, too. As Jonathan describes it in an interview, Rogan put him in a headlock as they went at it. This was close to the end of the show.

It sure turned into The Jerry Springer Show from the looks of it. In fact Fear Factor looks like it is bent on making an all-out bid to steal the "Worst TV Show Ever" title away from Springer before they are cancelled. This was actually their first show of the season, this episode! Well, they started with a bang, that's for sure, with all this nonsense that went on.

Why Victoria hasn't dumped hubby Jonathan and moved on to a less violent relationship is anyone's guess. Heck, she can get any guy she wants, she's a Playmate! These two jokers are doing excellent imitations of Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston from The Break-Up, yet they're still together! Who knows whether this business of Jonathan and Victoria fighting all the time is the real deal or all schtick. Maybe they think they can milk their fights for all they are worth. They even have a website. Who cares. All I know is it's bad TV.

Please, you two, call it quits already. This relationship is a Court TV trial waiting to happen.

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