Friday, June 30, 2006


Saturday at about 3:39 EST the Space Shuttle Discovery launches and you can check out the coverage on the various news sites:

Apparently the reason why there's a lot of interest is because there hasn't been a launch in a long time, and also because of the various safety issues that have plagued the Shuttle over the past number of years, including the time when that Shuttle blew up on re-entry.

Well, great. Problems start happening with the Shuttle, so only now does the national media show up. These launches usually have gotten humdrum reactions from the news folks over the years, back when things went smoothly all the time. The only other time the media showed any interest in a Shuttle launch was when John Glenn blasted off into outer space; CNN wheeled out Walter Cronkite to help cover that.

I remember visiting Spaceport USA, as they called it, back in the late 80s, and have always been a big fan of the space program so I sure hope this launch goes smoothly. There's a lot of valuable research conducted out there in space that needs to be done. That's one thing I should put on my list of things to do one of these days: see a Shuttle launch live.

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