Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Yesterday was 6-6-6, the Day of the Devil, the Mark of the Beasts. And more than a few of them had their day in court. How fitting.

Several of those thugs were hauled into court in Brampton the other day and it turned into a big media frenzy. Usually it's just the usual hacks like Citytv or CTV who show up over there for various things, and maybe the CBC would show up if it was a big enough story.

But this was different. Fox News was there; so was Al-Jazeera. When those two show up, boy, is it ever a big news day in your town, because usually they wouldn't bother coming to Brampton. Here's the article from the Toronto Sun about the media circus.

The article mentioned Dave Seglins of CBC Radio; interesting because he was a former classmate at Western J-school. I wonder what he thought when he heard that these guys were thinking of bombing the CBC.

But that wasn't even the goriest news to come out of the courthouse. These guys had big plans. Among other things, they were planning to storm Parliament and take hostages, and behead the Prime Minister! Now, I don't know how they could have accomplished any of this stuff; you would think Parliament is heavily secured. But the fact that these guys were thinking of doing this sort of stuff has shocked the whole country. This is front page news, everywhere. Who cares about the Stanley Cup today.

People across Canada are stunned that anyone would even consider terrorist attacks on this country. They wonder why anyone would want to attack innocent people, given this country's reputation for tolerance and multiculturalism and so on. Canadians aren't used to being a target of hate, they have this big reputation for being friends with everyone in the world! People are stunned that their own fellow Canadians of Muslim descent would hold terrorist training camps in northern Ontario and plot mass bombings. Muslims are similarly shocked and appalled about what this is going to do to people's impressions of them and their religion. You have people vandalizing mosques now and so on. Not a good situation.

The good news, however, is that these guys have been CAUGHT. Nobody has gotten hurt, nobody's been killed. Better yet, just the fact that this plot was uncovered has suitably shocked Canadians into taking the threat of terrorism seriously.

Canadians have woken up and realized that they can't avoid the War on Terror, they cannot fool themselves into thinking that terrorists are only interested in going after everyone else. Now Canadians are likely to get serious about national security and about doing something about terror threats in this country. Canadians caught a lucky break.

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