Friday, June 16, 2006


Well, it's official, Dick Wolf is trying to babe it up over at Law and Order.

Read on Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis that Alana De La Garza has been named the new A.D.A. on the show. She replaces Annie Parisse, whose character was of course killed off in very gory fashion. Before that, the A.D.A. role has been filled by a revolving door of actresses including Elisabeth Rohm, Angie Harmon, Carey Lowell, and Jill Hennessy. (The original A.D.A. was played by the only male in the A.D.A. role, Richard Brooks.) Before joining this show, Alana was on CSI: Miami, where she played Marisol. And oh yeah, she had a steamy spread in MAXIM. So, yes, she's hot.

This means that Milena Govich will definitely be playing one of the cops on the show, and won't be reprising her A.D.A. character from Conviction. That's another hottie with a big role.

Overall, I can see why they decided to go with more hot-looking females. The CSI series is loaded with them, and look at their ratings! Even in reruns that show is through the roof! The great ratings that CSI keeps getting drives the Law and Order folks completely nuts, guaranteed. They hate that show over there, from what I read. Among other things, CSI:NY was the show that drove Law and Order to Friday nights. My theory is they decided they had to add more women to the cast, just to keep up with CSI. It's no accident that they added someone who used to be on CSI: Miami to the cast, they want their audience.

But I worry a little bit about this news. It's one thing to have one looker on the show, but TWO?! My fear is that they're going to sex this show up and hand it over to the hot babes in a final, last-gasp attempt at ratings. Heck, they already had Milena kiss people and take her top off on Conviction! I worry they're going to turn Law and Order into a clone of CSI and all these other shows, these ones which cast good-looking women all the time in order to distract the audience from their ridiculous plots.

Law and Order isn't supposed to be about hot babes; it has always been about crime and justice and, above all else, good storytelling. It's solid, it's gritty, it's got VIOLENCE. It stays true to what really goes on in the criminal justice system. That's what separates this series from CSI and Without a Trace and all these other shows. People tune in to Law and Order to see a realistic, first-rate procedural show; it's not supposed to be Baywatch.

Hope the producers keep that in mind over there.

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