Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Thought I'd mention that The Da Vinci Code is no longer Number One at the theatres, it got toppled last weekend by X3: The Last Stand. X-Men made something like 120 million from what I heard. Check out Box Office Mojo. You know what this means, folks: X4.

This weekend the big Vince Vaughn-Jennifer Aniston flick The Break Up debuts and from what I hear, this one is already a turkey. I checked the Tomatometer and this one was at 0%!!!! Then again, it was probably just the highbrow high-art people weighing in yesterday. They had nothing good to say about Jennifer Aniston, either, blasting her acting skills. The fans over there are predicting this to be the first stink-bomb of the summer.

Then again, maybe it'll be a hit in spite of the critics, who have given X3 so-so reviews and who absolutely ripped Da Vinci to smithereens. One thing that is for sure, the box office the past couple of weeks has been pretty good; these theatre owners should have nothing to complain about. (Though the fast dropoff for Da Vinci ought to worry some people.)

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