Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I didn't watch the Today Show today, which featured the whole cast bawling like babies because Katie Couric was leaving. Apparently 42 minutes into the show Katie started tearing up. I'm not surprised: Bryant Gumbel cried too, bigtime, when he left. I'll get around to finding the video on the Internet, sometime.

I read a lot of the critics who said that was over-the-top excess, what happened today on Today. That it was all Katie all the time today, and that they ought to have covered the war in Iraq or something important. Who cares. The fact is that tabloid-artist Katie's said goodbye to the Today Show and is now free to go to CBS and get her head handed to her every night by real journalists Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams.

I keep reading about all these petitions out there trying in vain to keep Bob Schieffer on the evening news show, anchoring. These news fans ought to give up. Bob's leaving, and Les Moonves wants the big ratings. I think they also figured they were going to wound The Today Show by luring Couric over, but I don't think that's going to happen now that Meredith Vieira is on board taking over her spot.

And what a sad week over at CBS with that camera crew killed in Iraq on Monday and correspondent Kimberly Dozier almost killed, too. Last I checked she's still in critical condition. What a sad situation for the entire news business, to see their network TV people get hurt or even killed over in Iraq.

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