Sunday, May 14, 2006


As predicted, crummy numbers for the Poseidon remake: $20.3 million, which was not even enough to beat the $24.5 million in underwhelming numbers for the disappointing Mission: Impossible III. I suppose good word of mouth from the critics kept this Tom Cruise movie on top of the heap. And they're showing this film in literally every every movie house they can find, which helps a lot. But the bad word of mouth about Cruise's weird behavior on TV talk shows and the like is getting blamed as the reason this flick isn't doing better. I read it dropped 55% from last week. Fifty-five percent, ouch.

As for Poseidon, this expensive flick cost over $150 million to make. The critics have just killed it. I read that it was getting a lousy 31% from Rotten Tomatoes. Ebert and Roeper both hated it, said the people who worked on this movie took the money and ran. What a terible thing to say, that they only did this movie for the money. Ain't they all, these days.

Anyway, they may not even make money on this flick. This film is sinking to the bottom of the ocean, folks. Let that be a lesson to people: don't try to make movies about ships sinking to the bottom of the ocean anymore, Titanic ruined it for everyone. The special effects in that movie were too good.

This next weekend promises to be the one where Tom Hanks and the rest of them will be blowing everyone away with The DaVinci Code. Tom Cruise the big Scientologist is likely to be dethroned at the top of the box office by a controversial movie about the Vatican and Jesus Christ. A VERY controversial movie. What irony, eh?

Expect lots of lineups and maybe quite a few protests from the religious-type people.

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Reel Fanatic said...

This flick is getting exactly what it deserves at the box office ... From the wooden dialogue throughout to the fact that their quest to reach the surface was excruciatingly boring for long stretches, this one was just an all around stinker