Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Why do I hang around politics? Usually for culinary reasons; the food is usually good. Speaking of which, there's a big political event tonight in Toronto. Jane Pitfield is launching her campaign for mayor of Toronto tonight and I think I'm going to head out there and see what's happening and see whether any bigshots show up. Probably there will be. I know some political aides at City Hall who are supporting Pitfield who should be there for the launch.

Hope there's food there too, and I also hope the press people there don't eat it all first.

In other municipal political news, 85-year-old Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga was fined $110 for running her car into a stop sign. She now says she will allow a chauffeur to drive her around. Many mayors would have demanded chauffeurs a long time ago; not Hazel. She should be applauded for refusing to be "above the rabble" and for driving a car back and forth to work, just like the commoners do. But really, at her age, she really does need a driver.

Back later.

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