Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Welcome to Election Night--- for American Idol, that is. Voting still under way across America. The polls are not yet open on the West Coast at this hour, the show isn't on there yet.

What nonsense this is, people phoning up and jamming the lines to vote for Taylor Hicks or Katharine McPhee. Truly, these folks are in need of lives. There are reporters out there doing TV news stories claiming that people are more interested in voting for American Idol than for President of the United States--- especially young people. They even did a movie in Hollywood called American Dreamz, alleging all this sort of nonsense. What baloney. What is really happening is that the same die-hard fans of the show are calling up at least 10 times to vote for their favorites. It's the same group of people phoning every week, casting their votes.

You don't have this sort of thing happening in presidential or congressional races. In fact, it better not happen, people casting multiple votes in presidential elections! There's a word for that sort of thing: election fraud. Here, though, with American Idol, nobody cares who phones up or whether you're under the age of 18 or not, or if you are a U.S. citizen or not. You can be an illegal immigrant who snuck in from Mexico, and you can still vote for American Idol! You can impersonate a dead person and empty the cemeteries if you want to; it doesn't matter! All you need to do is pick up the phone. Anything goes with this election! The election rules are lax as all hell; so lax, in fact, that it's a joke. People taking this Idol vote seriously deserve to be laughed at. But lots of people are tuning in, I heard it was estimated to be something like 30 million people- roughly the population of Canada.

The people at www.votefortheworst.com aren't taking this vote seriously at all. They just want to have fun, trying to sabotage the Idol vote and get the least talented Idol elected. Last year, their endorsement went to Republican Carrie Underwood ("Jesus Take the Wheel") who beat Democrat Bo Bice. Did I say Republican versus Democrat?! It sure seemed that way, the contrast between the country singer Underwood and the rocker Bice could not have been sharper. It was Red State America versus Blue State America all the way.

This year, it's been hard to get excited about the finale. Votefortheworst has endorsed Taylor Hicks as the "worst" singer, although in the last few weeks Katharine McPhee has been underwhelming the fans with some mediocre efforts. One night she even forgot her lines, and Randy Jackson noticed and let America know she muffed her lines. Tonight, she blew her last song and looked decidedly mediocre on the night. Hicks looked OK, but he's had moments where he's looked like a guy trying in vain to do a bad imitation of Elvis Presley. So it really doesn't matter who wins in the end: another ho-hum singer will capture American Idol and Votefortheworst will be able to claim victory. I wouldn't be surprised if people looking to sabotage American Idol all ignore the Votefortheworst endorsement of Hicks and vote for McPhee instead, after her miserable performance tonight.

It's difficult to argue that the most deserving talent is going to win this thing. Contestant Chris Daughtry was arguably the most gifted singer of this current bunch. Yet he got the boot a couple of weeks ago, in a big upset. Like Bo Bice before him, Daughtry was just too cool and too rough around the edges for the boring, God-fearing people of middle America. But the great rockers of history were always too much for America.

That's the trouble with this show! This show seems hopelessly designed to produce another Whitney or Celine! This show doesn't seem capable of producing another Elvis, or another Buddy Holly or Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen or Madonna or Michael Jackson or... wait, maybe we don't want another Michael Jackson. But you get the idea.

When is this show ever going to produce a "real" American Idol? Until it does, you just can't take these votes seriously.

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Tanning Lotion said...

I love both of them, plus I was a big fan of Chris'. I think it will be close they are both awesome. Katharine McPhee has one of the best voices ever on American Idol and Taylor Hicks is one of the best performers ever.