Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This week I'm going nuts covering the TV network upfronts happening in New York City, right here on the CAIRNS BLOG. Fun stuff.

Tomorrow, CBS unveils its fall season. Thursday will be the CW. Also, FOX.

The CW's lineup ought to be really interesting: they have to merge two networks into one, so they have to cut a bunch of shows. So it's going to be a big bloodbath in Hollywood, for sure, on Thursday. In fact, this whole week has been a bloodbath for a lot of people and a lot of shows. It's like the day after the baseball or football season, when all these coaches and managers get fired. (I read on TVSquad that Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill got renewed, though.)

Also, tomorrow the Cannes Film Festival opens with the big world premiere of The Da Vinci Code.Already all the religious-type people are up in arms about this movie and about how much it skewers the Catholic Church and makes it look really bad, and so on and so forth. Anyway, quite a week. We'll see how it does at the box office.

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