Thursday, May 25, 2006


I keep track of this stuff, being a geek.

Read over on TVNewser that Rita Cosby's show on MSNBC is being hosted this week by someone named Lauren Lake. Now, Lauren Lake is a criminal defense attorney, a member of three state bars, and appears on a lot of talk shows as a "legal analyst" on Court TV and all the usual places. She moved to New York City to break into entertainment, so she does that, too. Anyway, read about it here. Seems TVNewser is wondering who the heck she is and what the heck journalistic credentials she has. Seems to me pretty obvious: you don't need journalism credentials to work as a talking head on the cable news shows, all you need is an ability to talk. That's it! And criminal lawyers do talk a lot.

I guess this is still a direction I am interested in pursuing, something connected with criminal law and the criminal justice system in some way. Or maybe I'm simply more interested in getting back on TV. I think maybe, just maybe, I've watched too much Geraldo. Come to think of it, that's entirely it.

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