Sunday, May 07, 2006

M:i:III - $ 48 MIL

Well, here we go. Year of the Flop, Part II.

It's official. Mission: Ridiculous, er, I mean Impossible III took in only $48 million dollars in its opening weekend at the box office, well ahead of the lame Robin Williams effort RV to finish in first place. That ought to be good news, right? The bad news is that they were hoping for 60 million. That link I gave you, from fair-and-balanced Fox News, says that great classic from last year War of the Worlds took in 64 million its opening weekend. And THAT movie was considered a disappointment at the theatres, too! And Tom Cruise was in that one, too, and that was just after his infamous Oprah appearance.

Maybe word of mouth will save Mission: Impossible III, since the critics liked it. But that Fox News piece has no doubt about who is to blame for the crummy numbers: Tom Cruise. The article basically claims Cruise has become a parody of himself, with his Scientology and the rest of it.

You know, Tom, it ain't too late to convert to Catholicism. Might be a good career move. (If you've seen M:i:III you'll know which scenes I'm referencing in the movie.)

Then again maybe people will get cynical about that, too. Just like they're cynical about this Katie Holmes business. Anyway, bottom line is I think these writers have a point: people at home are truly fed up with Tom Cruise. He needs to lie low for a while and at the very least, stay away from the talk shows. Otherwise, his career is going to be in big trouble.

As for the sequel to this sequel- who knows? What might happen with M:i:IV is that Cruise's character might get killed off, and they'll replace him with Will Smith. Heck, I wouldn't put it past these guys in Hollywood. They want their box office mojo. And they sure didn't get it this weekend.

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