Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Expect a big season finale for Law and Order tomorrow.

With rumors of cast changes afoot for the next season, with Annie Parisse quitting the show and with S. Epatha Merkerson supposedly unhappy with the way the episode was written (so says Fox News), there should be high drama tomorrow. The producers are tight-lipped, saying there are supposed to be surprising developments in tomorrow night's show. We do know this: in the upfront the other day, Kevin Reilly of NBC Entertainment said cast changes were on the way for the series.

Here's what NBC has to say about the episode entitled Invaders, straight from their own web site:

The latest murder victims of two home invaders are the family members of a man who once sold fake DEA badges to the killers and then began secretly cooperating with police. The case takes a harrowing turn when one of the law enforcement teams is put in the line of fire. In a legal gambit, A.D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) must then risk his career -- and those of others, as well -- to bend the rules and use corrupt DEA Agent Almonte (guest star Ritchie Coster) to lure out the sadistic psychopaths.

It sure looks like old Jack McCoy's antics on tomorrow night's show may blow up the careers of one or more of these Law and Order characters. Definitely expect some fireworks and hopefully a memorable ending along the lines of the Chris Noth punch-out, or the Jill Hennessy car accident death, or the Elisabeth Rohm "is it because I'm a lesbian?" line. We know for sure that Annie Parisse is gone; maybe Dennis Farina gets the boot tomorrow, too- there's rumors out there surrounding him. Then again, it could just be wishful thinking by fans who don't like him on the show. People are still in mourning over Jerry Orbach's loss. Who knows.

Should be good. This is why we still watch this show, folks, after 16 years.

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