Tuesday, May 16, 2006


After some sober second thought I've come to the conclusion that, you know what, The Apprentice is going to be killed in its new Sunday night time slot! This show is finished!

Not only does this show face Desperate Housewives, the top show on television, but they're also going head to head with the final episodes of The Sopranos, over on HBO! I know there are people who are saying that show isn't what it used to be, anymore, either, but still, there will be huge hype because the show is coming to an end!

Not only that, but in the early part of the season there will be football on CBS to contend with, too! CBS is the home of Super Bowl XLI! Nobody beats the Super Bowl, and to make matters worse, usually CBS premieres the new season of Survivor or one of its new shows after the Super Bowl telecast is over. Imagine if a Mark Burnett show on CBS ends up beating a Mark Burnett show in the ratings on NBC on Super Bowl night.

Another problem is that in Canada, where The Apprentice is still a hit show, the move to Sunday is going to create real havoc with the Global TV lineup. Global runs the big FOX all-cartoon lineup on Sunday evenings with The Simpsons and everyone else, so where are they going to put The Apprentice? They might decide to run the show instead on their sister station, CH. Either that, or put it on at their regular hour on Global and run Family Guy on CH instead. They can't put The Apprentice on later in the week, by then everyone will have tuned in NBC on Sunday and will have found out who was fired already. This was one of Global's few big hits, The Apprentice, and now it's in the drink. What a state of affairs on both sides of the border. This show is so DEAD.

The one good thing about this, though, is that maybe Donald Trump will be suitably humbled by the swift decline of his show. We're all going to be spared his boasting about how great his show is, how it's the Number One show on television and so on, when the hard truth is that this series is burning out quickly. Maybe now they'll get serious about improving the show and making it a series about how to get ahead in business again, because that's their one and only hope at survival. We should hope so.

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