Sunday, May 21, 2006


The latest numbers, as reported at Nikki Finke's site: $224 million take worldwide is the second highest opening weekend in history. $77 million alone in the United States puts it at 13th overall. Not only one of the biggest hits of all time, but truly a phenomenon up there with Star Wars. See for all the latest.

The predominantly Catholic countries (ie. Europe) are driving the big numbers; it's also doing big business in places like Japan and in countries where there's a lot of controversy surrounding the film.

The critics still hate the movie, though not quite as much as a few days ago. The latest Rotten Tomatometer has the film now up to 22% fresh. At least it's ahead of See No Evil. That horror flick has a Tomato rating of, get this, 0%! Not a single movie critic in the whole wide world likes See No Evil. I expect that movie will end up getting paying customers--- the same customers who thumb their noses and claim they never listen to what movie critics have to say.

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