Thursday, May 18, 2006


By now you know all about the hostile critical reaction at the Cannes Film Festival to the Da Vinci Code. Or, as I'll call it, Da Vinci's Inquest, because these critics are performing what amounts to an autopsy on this movie.

Boos, catcalls, stone-silence at the end of the screening. Not pleasant. This Bloomberg story sums up the reaction for you. The New York screening, apparently, was not much different. Critics everywhere panned this flick. Rotten Tomatoes has this movie at 19% right now. Pretty dismal performance for a movie by Ron Howard.

Amazingly some people actually like this flick. Mary Hart was on Entertainment Tonight at the Cannes Film Festival and describes this movie with one word: "wow!" It's nice to know that the Da Vinci Code advertising people will be able to use at least one quote praising their movie; Mary Hart says "wow!". Incredibly, Roger Ebert also liked this movie. Then again, he also panned Wedding Crashers, a movie I liked a heck of a lot. He could be losing it. Who knows.

We'll see how this flick fares at the box office, it may be a big hit in spite of the critical reaction. A lot of people claim that they ignore what the critics say anyway, they say they give away too much of the plot.

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