Thursday, May 18, 2006


As predicted it was a bloodbath at the CW upfront today.

These shows have made the cut: from the WB, it's Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Beauty and the Geek, and surprisingly, 7th Heaven, which somehow got revived after airing what was supposed to have been their final show ever last week. From the UPN net, it's WWE Smackdown, Girlfriends, All of Us, Veronica Mars, Everybody Hates Chris and America's Next Top Model.

Now the bloodbath. Everwood, gone! Reba, gone! Pepper Dennis, gone! The Bedford Diaries, gone! Blue Collar TV, GONE! Charmed was going to be cancelled anyways, but still, it is a bloodbath, largely at the WB. I'm mad because I happen to sort of like Pepper Dennis, mainly because I like Rebecca Romijn and think she's hot. Maybe they'll give her and Brooke Burns parts on Las Vegas, another show ridiculously loaded with babes. But that show is on NBC.

There was also a bloodbath at UPN, but they were all shows that nobody watched anyway, so no one will miss them (Love, Inc., etcetera). There are going to be a few new shows on the CW, but really, nobody cares. I would have probably cared if they picked up Aquaman, but they didn't.

There was a big story in the papers some time ago that Reba was getting cancelled in spite of pretty good ratings, but apparently the demos weren't that great--- too many old people watching. You can't have old people watching TV, it's illegal! There's some law out there in TV land that says that people over the age of 49 aren't allowed to watch TV shows, period. The networks, and the CW in particular, all want to reach young audiences to suit the ad people. So the people over age 49 all end up watching the news instead, by default. ( Anyone see the demos for the cable news channels recently?! Ay yi yi.)

Anyway, that's the CW news for you.

UPDATE: Check that, Reba has NOT been cancelled after all. I read on Futon Critic that there was a last-minute about-face on the decision to cancel this show, and they decided to order 13 more episodes late Wednesday. The bad news: Pepper Dennis is still cancelled. Someone please give Rebecca a job.

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