Thursday, May 04, 2006


President Geena Davis has finally been impeached for lousy ratings. Commander-in-Chief has been pulled from the schedule for the rest of sweeps by ABC. The remaining episodes are likely to be shown and burned off after sweeps period is over. So that's that. Series over.

There must be some rule out there that if Geena Davis is in the series it will find a way to be a flop. She's been on so many good shows that nobody watched that it's a joke: Buffalo Bill, The Geena Davis Show... you get the idea. At the start of the season they were claiming Commander-in-Chief was the highest-rated drama premiere in five years. And this show still found a way to repel all its viewers and get itself cancelled.

I think people are simply tired of seeing shows about liberal Presidents of the United States. The West Wing has been cancelled, too, on NBC. Speaking of which- what's up with President-elect Matt Santos asking rival Arnold Vinick to join his administration!? Talk about bizarre.

These TV writers are obviously looking at Canada and all the floor-crossings that have gone on for inspiration.

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