Monday, May 15, 2006


Tonight was the big premiere of Canoe Live on SUN TV and you can see it on-line as well at 6PM every night at

I have a general comment. Why the heck do these media companies in Canada think that it's a good idea to put their newspaper people on the air on TV all the time? You don't see this happening much in the United States or anywhere else in the world, you don't see The Washington Post or USA Today on TV. But in Canada they're bent on shoving their newspaper people onto the TV screens of the stations they own, whether we want to see these jokers or not.

It doesn't matter whether it's the Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Toronto Star, the Sun, or anywhere else. TV is not the newspapers, it's TV! You're supposed to put TV shows on TV, not a bunch of columnists! Columnists are supposed to be in the paper, ranting and raving there! But there's no point to seeing them rant about the same stuff they are writing in the paper, especially if these folks happen to be no good on TV. They aren't TV people, and it usually shows!

I don't want to tune into some boring, ugly-looking newspaper reporters on TV, or watch any program that basically functions as a one-hour advertisements to buy your newspaper. I remember when Global National basically functioned as an advertisement for the National Post every night, plugging the stories that would appear in the paper in the next morning's edition. These media companies across Canada have been doing this for years, calling this "convergence." As if this is the wave of the future. There's another, better word for it: cheap. As in: cheap junk.

Now I know that there are shows out there with serious newspaper people on it, like Ebert and Roeper. And I know that TSN puts on print guys like Bob McKenzie all the time. But that's different, at least those guys have some stage presence! And usually they're experts at whatever the heck they're talking about! What's the point of showing the usual SUN columnists like Peter Worthington or Christina Blizzard on TV? Or even Jane Taber over on CTV?! Nobody wants to see them, they're not experts! There's no point to having them on TV. What people tune in to TV to watch is the latest episode of CSI or Idol.

Just think if your local newspaper featured William Peterson or Marg Helgenberger writing about the latest crimes on a regular basis, or weekly relationship columns by Teri Hatcher. You get my point. TV is not the newspaper, and newspapers are not TV.

These newspapers should start running their TV stations as if they're TV stations! Then they can get some decent ratings! They might as well, because newspapers are dying off, anyways-- or so says all these internet-type people.

That's it!

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