Thursday, May 25, 2006


The Cannes Film Festival is still going and I have been following the coverage of it recently. Some of the big news items since the big Da Vinci Code screening include the hoopla over the Dreamgirls flick, plus Al Gore appeared at the festival promoting a movie of his own , about the environment.

The thing I find interesting is that the more I read about Cannes, the more I think this is an elitist, closed-to-the-public event. This is the south of France we are talking about. All these film executives, press people and rich folk go to this thing and hoard all the seats. I'm not simply talking about the best seats: I'm talking about all of them! Good luck getting tickets to this thing if you're a normal, Joe Average film fan; you're better off standing in line at the Academy Awards, watching these big stars go in to that. I read Kevin Murphy's book A Year at the Movies and he complained about exactly this sort of thing, too. He spent a whole chapter, ranting and raving about how much difficulty he had getting in to see a freaking movie at Cannes! This is basically one big trade show, this film festival. It is NOT a festival for the real FANS.

At least in a place like Toronto, which has a very popular and prestigious film festival each September, normal people can get into the theatres to watch some of the choice flicks! They have a real shot at getting autographs from celebrities or meet some gorgeous babe like Maria Menounos or somebody like that. Citytv always has that big red carpet event where you get to see all these celebrities walk in to this big exclusive party they have going. So the film fans get to feel they are a part of this festival in Toronto.

But Cannes, well... sounds like only the "beautiful people" and "the elect" get to be a real part of it. The real film fans are stuck outside the theatres, left to rot. Instead of watching good movies on the screen, they are left to watch topless women get suntans on the local beach. Tough luck, feature film fans. Life is bad.

Anyway, here's some Cannes Film Festival sites to go see:
And of course:

I'm sure there's a few more that I'll add. They'll be handing out the Palme d'Or this weekend, too, so watch for that.

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