Saturday, May 27, 2006


More proof that a law degree is better used outside the practise of law, in the land on TV:
Ben Mulroney. Laval law grad. Today: host of Canadian Idol and eTalk Daily.

$400,000 per year for this guy, says Toronto Life. I hear the hours are pretty good, too. The lawyers slaving away across this country are all kicking themselves.

Come to think of it, so are practically all the serious TV journalists in this country, who aren't even close to making this kind of money. I don't even know if Peter Mansbridge or Lloyd Robertson make this kind of cash. No wonder these TV reporters are all so cranky and miserable all the time.

And to think all it took for Ben Mulroney to get on CTV was to get discovered at a PC political convention. When the heck are the rest of us in TV land gonna get discovered and paid $400,000?! Clearly we need to attend more political conventions.

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