Thursday, May 25, 2006


Forget about the phantom fall schedule announced at the upfront by NBC last week. After ABC decided to move Grey's Anatomy into the crossfire with CSI on Thursdays at 9PM, NBC has pulled its great hope for the fall schedule, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, right out of that time slot. It will now be shown at 10PM on Mondays, instead. Moreover, they are planning to run their one big hit Deal or No Deal in the Thursday 9PM time slot, so all of a sudden the people at ABC don't look like big geniuses anymore, moving Grey's Anatomy there. Hey, NBC has nothing to lose by doing this, this Deal show is cheap.

And after having a chance to sit back and see what all the other networks are doing they are moving quite a few other shows. TV Squad, with a hat tip to the Futon Critic, lets you in on all the changes here. Among other things NBC is putting Crossing Jordan back on the fall schedule at 8PM on Fridays. And the original Law and Order has been moved out of its long-time Wednesday night time slot, to 10PM on Fridays as well. That means NBC will run that show on the same night that CTV airs the show in Canada (to avoid conflict with CSI:NY).

Those media chumps who sat at the upfront last week sure wasted their time. Crafty people, these folks at NBC. They had everyone fooled about what their real schedule was going to be.

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