Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Annie Parisse's character was kidnapped and murdered in tonight's terrifying, gruesome season finale episode of Law and Order.

Well, who cares about reality TV shows after watching that, those guys will still be alive after their torch gets snuffed out! What an awful way for that character to go out, what a terrible fate. Aspirating on her own duct-tape. Yikes. R.I.P. Alexandra Borgia.

Couldn't they have found a more dignified way for her to exit the show, instead of leaving in a bodybag?! I know people were highly critical over Elisabeth Rohm outing herself as a lesbian in her final scene, calling that scene unbelievable. But at least that ending was kind of funny. Here, we knew Annie Parisse was leaving, but compared to the other memorable ways that cast members departed this series in the past, this was just too depressing. This was too much, seeing her get grabbed and kidnapped on TV with her face duct-taped, and then having Jack McCoy and the cops find her dead body.

Maybe the writers figured that they had their episode where some beloved character got fired or quit or got suspended, or got killed in a car accident, or decided she was a lesbian or whatever. Now was the time to get somebody murdered. Well, it was original, I'll say that for it, bumping a cast member off in such a gory manner. Oh, and by the way, this isn't the only show doing this, the killing isn't over on network TV.

Tune in to The O.C. Thursday night. Fox has been heavily promoting the fact that one of the main characters dies on tomorrow night's show, and that everyone will be talking about it. I'll bet it's Mischa Barton, Her departure would be big news. But who knows. And it probably won't be a murder, it'll probably be some accident or something. We'll find out tomorrow.

Back to Law and Order. You know, I wonder if we may see more cast changes next season beyond what happened on tonight's show. I read that Dick Wolf is upset at how bad the ratings are for the show these days and that even Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston's character) might be on the chopping block. I could definitely see McCoy getting stripped of his bar card on a later episode over his antics on tonight's show, making shady deals and trying to get his revenge for Borgia's killing. There are also lots of people who thought one or more of the cops might leave the cast; that could still happen. Possibly next year we could see a lot of cast changes happening throughout the season. Maybe they'll bring on board some of the people from Conviction, which was just cancelled. Changes are definitely coming.

UPDATE: Check out the reaction over at Gothamist. "Attractive young actresses who look great in a suit, beware: If you're cast as the new assistant district attorney to work with Jack McCoy, your character might come to some sort of strange end." True.


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