Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Tonight on Deal or No Deal, the 26 Deal babes are all Miss USA delegates!!

That's right. Instead of eating slugs on Fear Factor like they usually do, the Miss USA candidates are going to be opening the suitcases and showing the money. I say that is an improvement. These Miss USA babes must be thanking the Lord that there's a game show they can go on, just so they don't have to go on Fear Factor.

It's not as if Fear Factor is something to be afraid of: it's that the show's DANGEROUS. Who knows what kind of diseases you're likely to pick up by eating the garbage they make you eat on that show. You'll probably be too sick to compete in the pageant!

I wonder if Fear Factor is coming back with another one of their awful Miss USA Fear Factor competitions. I hope not. Fear Factor ranks right down there as one of the worst shows on TV, right down there with Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Supernanny, you name it.

By the way the Miss USA Pageant will be April 21st. On NBC.

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