Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well, here's another ENRON trial update from me.

Been reading the Wall Street Journal Law Blog continuing coverage of the trial, live from sweltering Houston. The Law Blog has been in the courtroom; also, the blog is posting complaints about how hot and scorching it is down in Houston. The weather down there is famously terrible. Houston is so hot that people have to watch baseball games indoors down there. And the place is smack dab in the hurricane zone, too. Nice, wonderful place Houston is. I've heard lots of people trash Houston as a place to live, saying the town is too hot, the traffic is gridlock, and that there is no culture there, either. The NFL team stinks, too, and there's no NHL team, either. Who wants to live in Houston.

Anyway the big story in town remains the trial. Today Jeff Skilling lost it on cross-examination. He reacted angrily and testily to a prosecution statement today while on the witness stand. This after spending the last several days being witty and turning on the charm while testifying. Read about the outburst here.

I find trials like this one interesting not because of any legal precedents or any of that- I'm interested in seeing people react under pressure and seeing how these personalities deal with the situation. Doesn't sound like this day went too well for Jeff Skilling from the sounds of it.

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