Sunday, April 09, 2006


Have a few items about sports on radio to talk about tonight.

First, it's of course BASEBALL SEASON! So that means there's plenty of baseball to listen to on AM radio. Good news in Canada is that XM Radio has committed to providing Major League Baseball from all over the Major Leagues on satellite radio, that is great news. For those too cheap to shell out for XM, though, there's still plenty of clear-channel action from great radio like WTAM 1100 (home of the Indians), WCBS 880 (home of the Yankees), and WTIC 1080 Hartford ( the clear-channel home of Red Sox games).

Couple of notes: a new addition to the AM baseball radio dial is AM 1500 Washington Post Radio, which is the new home of Washington Nationals baseball. This is great news for fans as they should be able to hear this booming signal right across the eastern United States.

It almost makes up for the bad news that 1120 KMOX LOST the rights to St. Louis Cardinals baseball, to tiny light-bulb-watted AM 550 KTRS. Thankfully I am able to hear 1470 WMBD from Peoria, so I can still hear the Cardinals and their new announcer John Rooney (ex-White Sox), but the signal isn't as good. I don't like the fact that the games aren't on KMOX, and I know the fans have inundated the Cardinals offices with complaints, but I don't think they care.

Finally, WSCR 670 replaces ESPN 1000 as the new home of the world champion White Sox. This is a return to the 670 frequency for the White Sox after about a decade at ESPN, which now is left with the Chicago Bulls games all by themselves. In the old days the station on 670 was called WMAQ.

I keep hearing rumors that 700 WLW Cincinnati could lose the Reds pretty soon and 1020 KDKA Pittsburgh could lose the Pirates. I hope not. In any event I should be able to hear the Pirates anyway, they have a big network. I can hear Pittsburgh Steelers games pretty easily and they aren't even on KDKA, so I'm not too worried about the Pirates. But I hope these baseball teams stay on these big AM stations with the big signals, like 670 WSCR, for example. It's not the same tuning in to games on the network affiliates, you want to hear the actual flagship. Peoria is not St. Louis.

Finally, got word that starting Tuesday 660 WFAN New York will be streaming its audio for the first time. FINALLY, you can hear Imus, Mike and the Mad Dog, Joe Benigno and the rest of them, all over the world regardless of where you live. I suppose it is now safe for me to move to Calgary or Vancouver now, I'll be able to hear WFAN.

That's it for now.

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