Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Fox News TV anchor and radio show host Tony Snow accepted the White House press secretary position today after getting a medical clearance from his doctors- he had just recovered from cancer. Meanwhile, life goes on at Fox News, they already have replacements lined up. I guess Dan Senor can keep his day job- he'll at least be able to see his wife more often (Campbell Brown).

The University of Western Ontario must be no good at placing its grads in press secretary jobs at the White House after all. Rats.

Yet another journo from TV land bolts to politics! There was a big writeup in the Ryerson Review of Journalism about it, too, about all these people leaving to go work in politics because they were bored and fed up doing the same old reporting all the time. It's the same old beat, no chance of advancement to management or to writing columns, according to that Ryerson article I read. So these journalists get fed up and they leave. I also think they get fed up with being fired and laid off all the time, plus the pay in journalism is terrible. I can sort of relate because I up and ditched journalism to try politics, though I'm sort of fed up with politics already.

Life in TV news, and on the radio, must be really terrible if Tony Snow feels compelled to take the White House job, a job which ate Scott McClellan alive. Read on TVNewser that his Fox News friends think Snow has lost his marbles. We'll see how Snow does.

Speaking of radio, read that David Lee Roth got canned in favor of shock jocks Opie and Anthony. Roth was the replacement for Howard Stern; obviously that did not go well for him at all. So lots of shakeups in radio land recently, including this Tony Snow announcement today.

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