Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Well, according to several reports including this one at TVNewser, Katie Couric is going to make the big announcement that she's leaving The Today Show at 7:30 AM tomorrow on NBC. Presumably she will later attend a press conference at CBS to make her move to the CBS Evening News official.

Already a lot of people are howling in the press, saying Katie's a mismatch for the CBS Evening News job, that she's better at perky fluff, and so on and so forth. These critics are trashing Katie and saying what a disaster this is. Well, who cares about them. Katie's at the level of the business now where she deserves her shot.

In other news the word is that Meredith Vieira was offered 10 million cool ones for the Today Show chair. She would be a fool not to take the gig for that amount of cash. I'd take the job, just to get away from Star Jones.

Why do I follow these morning show wars? Well, maybe because I did an internship at a major TV network in Canada, doing some time at a famous morning show program. I can tell you this, it's terrible having to get up at 2:30 in the morning to work on any news show. I wasn't alert, I wasn't awake! No amount of coffee could wake me up or make me do a good job.


In other TV news about TV news shows, the WB premiered a show about the TV News business tonight, Pepper Dennis, starring Rebecca Romijn. It's set at fictional Chicago TV station WEIE. (I wonder if they know there's a station called WOIO, in Cleveland. And there's a station in Cincinnati called WKRC- an actual station. Change one letter and you got WKRP. But I digress.)

I tuned in and found the show pretty boring, actually. Pretty standard stuff.

At least they seemed to get the on-air stuff right. The stuff about how the reporters act on the air in live situations. But this business of sleeping with your co-workers, I dunno. I figure a lot of TV news types will tune in to see whether this show is accurate about the business or not, then they can trash it on the TVSpy and Medialine boards.

Me, I'll only tune in to check out Rebecca. She is gorgeous! She really could make it as a TV anchorwoman if she tried. Hey, there may be a job open over at The View.

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