Monday, April 24, 2006


Well, you cannot expect a notoriously unimpartial fool like me to say anything good about Bob Rae's entry into the Liberal leadership race today.

What a bizarre turn of events. I look at Rae and all I can think of is "NDP".

What's worse, he was a complete disaster as premier, with the deficits and the disasterous Social Contract, and the Rae Days, and the high taxes and the rest of it. He spent part of today's launch speech apologizing for his mistakes. Well, now he's making an even bigger mistake- running for Liberal leader.

I personally find it hard to believe that any right-minded Liberal would want to vote for him. Put another way, suppose Ontario ex-Premier David Peterson came out of retirement to run for leader of the federal Tories?! That would make no sense either. Peterson, by the way, is trashing Rae at every turn and publicly backing Michael Ignatieff. I don't blame him for being mad. If I were a Liberal, especially a Liberal in Ontario, there would be no way I would support Bob Rae for leader. But this fool Rae apparently has some support.

There are people who think Bob Rae is just the guy to "unite the left". But I don't see how that will happen. This is just going to anger the NDP and galvanize them even more. Jack Layton already hates Rae's guts and is having a cow over this defection to the Liberals. They're already mad at Buzz Hargrove for all the help he gave the Liberals in the last election! If Rae actually wins the leadership (which I doubt), the left will tear itself apart.

I don't get it! Is the Liberal Party of Canada so desperate to run from the mistakes of the Paul Martin/Jean Chretien era that they have to turn to some turncoat New Democrat to lead them?! Almost as bad are these other guys in the race, and oh, two women. Most of them had nothing to do with much of what went on in Parliament for the last decade and have hardly any federal experience, certainly less than two years in a few cases. One of them hasn't lived in the country for years before running for leader. Another is a turncoat who ran once to become leader of the Progressive Conservative Party. Still another was a lefty hack Education Minister in Ontario who has "charisma" but no federal political experience at all. Then you have that ex-goalie thinking of running whose national day-care efforts are being tossed out and replaced by the federal government as we speak.

This race is a joke! What a bunch of mediocrities you have, people with no federal experience or hardly any federal experience running for leader, or experience ruining Ontario. And one of them might actually win.

You would think Stephen Harper won't have to worry about any of these folks but I'd sure worry. My fear is that one of these hacks might catch fire and get into office as Prime Minister; then think of the damage they'll do to the country. Bob Rae is a disaster waiting to happen, and for that matter, so is his leadership campaign. As I say, God help us if he wins, or if people in Canada are crazy/stupid enough to put him in. Then we'll all need our passports to escape to the 'States.

This is proof that you can't get rid of politicians, even when you toss them out on their rear ends at election time in this country! They just keep coming back! What other Liberal/turncoat is going to run for leader? David Orchard? Joe Clark?! Clark might as well run- everyone else is.


Speaking of politicians that nobody can get rid of, what's Preston Manning doing these days? Is he still going to run for the Alberta PC leadership?! These are strange times, indeed. Canadian politics has gone nuts. Today is proof!

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